Chances are that you have seen the above photo by now. Rapper Soulja Boy appears posing with what seems to be the biggest personal stash of chronic, uh, ever. But, behind every photo there is a story, and this one is unfortunately tame.

The photo first came to attention of music fans (and the media) when it was tweeted by Snoop Dogg, who said “@souljaboy smoke us out already,” including the hashtag of “#puffpuffpasstuesdays.”

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

But, now a rep for Soulja Boy is clarifying that the weed is not the rapper’s, but, rather, belongs to a dispensary where the rapper took the time to take a picture after he was impressed by the shop’s massive stock. And, the rep adds that Soulja Boy didn’t purchase any weed while visiting the California dispensary, which, you know, we totally believe.

Like a Gunshot blast!

What would you do with that much weed? Who is your favorite stoner rapper?

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