To the surprise of absolutely no one country crooner Willie Nelson has appeared in a video endorsing the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 (OCTA 2012).

In a casual production, Nelson can be seen reading from a prepared script in which he urges voters to pass OCTA 2012 to regulate cannabis and restore industrial hemp.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Willie goes on to say: “This initiative will end adult marijuana prohibition and let our criminal justice officers focus limited resources on real criminals and not on marijuana users like me.” Specially, OCTA 2012 organizers estimate the state would save $61.5 million a year in law enforcement, judicial, and corrections costs.

Willie further explains that OCTA 2012 would also allow farmers to harvest hemp to provide alternative sources of fuel, fiber, and food, and that legalizing pot and hemp would create more jobs and improve the economy, partially by raising an estimated $140 million annually on cannabis sales tax revenue.

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