One of the most renowned marijuana activists in the arts is Willie Nelson, the country superstar that has survived more weed busts than can be counted on both hands. And, it is fitting that the city of Austin chose April 20th to unveil a statue of the singer that has sold more than 40-million albums in his career, in addition to winning ten Grammy awards.

The privately-funded statue was unveiled in a ceremony last Friday in front of the famed Austin City Limits Studio, home of the weekly PBS series. Nelson was on hand, hopefully high as hell, to perform his new song “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die,” which seems like a pretty self-explanatory number.

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According to the Duluth News Tribune, organizers didn’t originally choose 4/20 as the date to unveil the new statue, but once they found out that date had been set, 4:20 p.m. was chosen as the time for the unveiling in honor of Nelson’s long-time celebration of cannabis.

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And, with a number of activities to keep stoners occupied on 4/20, it is noted that a large crowd turned out with smoke visibly rising from the audience. Sure, this unveiling won’t be an annual tradition, but maybe meeting up at the Willie Nelson statue on 4/20 will be the new center of the Austin, Texas marijuana world.

What other famous stoners deserve statues?