This post blends the end of last week (Week 1) into the start of this week, week 2(Duh!).

5 watt LED chip-set grow light

Week 1 in the tent, lights raised to maximum by necessity.

Our first few days of getting to know the parameters of this new light was met with much satisfaction and a little concern. All the plants responded well to the new lighting and showed instant results with booming new vegetative growth in all directions; White Widow bushed out like mad, and continues with dense inner growth,  all three Bubblelicious cuttings shot up a good 4 – 6 inches, almost instantaneously.

LED grow light and a White Widow

In just days, the canopy has thickened with dense, wide growth

Potential issues arose when the canopy got within 16″ of the lamp. Growth was still rapid, but the leaves began curling and showing signs of stress. Raising the lighting up to 24″ alleviated the overzealous growth and potential light bleaching problems. As I said, these LEDs are intense!

Awesome vertical growth as a result of intense LED lighting

Growth explodes upwards, 16" to 20" in no time flat!

My next concern was space. Having just transplanted 3 of 4 plants, I hadn’t anticipated a big growth spurt for at least a week, but the plants responded much sooner. Seeing as how I needed to keep at least 18″ – 24″ between the plant tops & the light, I opted to move the ladies and the light to an open 3.75′ x 3.75’area at the room’s end, where there is plenty of vertical & horizontal growth space.

One thing I have noticed is the improved light saturation. Looking down into the canopy, with exception to the deepest areas there are no solid shadows. Light of varying spectra coveres individual leaves down low under the canopy.

Light penetration of the 5 watt chip-sets is amazing!

Perhaps due to the selective angle lenses, "dark shadows" are illuminated (and nearly eliminated) with multispectral lighting.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Intense full spectra grow lighting

The 5 watt LED chip-sets and lenses are cranking out some serious intensity

Week 2 (6/4/12)

As week 2 begins, the ladies are in a larger space with room to grow & bloom. The two Bubblelicious in 1 gallon pots will be transplanted to 3 gallon pots later in the week, meanwhile we’ve began supercropping & LST to keep heights in check and bush those bag-girls out.

how to grow weed

The start of week 2, veg.

The growth was enough to force me to move the ladies into larger accommodations.

Explosive vegetative growth under the X-5 grow LED light

From 19" wide just days ago, White Widow expands to take up any open space.