A quick update on our X5 – 5 watt chipset LED Grow Light… This thing is producing wonderful results in vegetation! Between the White Widow mother and the 3 Bubblelicious clones, they all have exhibited a boost in new growth and are really beginning to fill in.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

All 3 Bubblelicious are now in 3 gallon pots, none showed any signs of transplant shock or stress, growth has been seamless. The Widow though has really exploded, it may be due to being a mother plant and not having been transplanted, but I have noted, some plants/strains take better to certain lights.

Inner growth - Bubblelicious

Even after transplanting, new growth was immediate

Vegetative growth on White Widow

The White Widow has really taken to the X5’s spectral output

I think I mentioned in a previous post that when we switch to 12/12 (bloom), one of the Bubblelicious will be moved out and bloomed under different lighting, sort of as a control plant.

Also, the need to prune/thin the White Widow, or taking a few more cuttings may become necessity, though I might wait until early bloom to assess bud development on the lower branches, I’ve a feeling the light penetration of the X5 LED grow light will step quantity on the harvest… but now I’m just getting way ahead of things…

New vertical growth under LED grow lights

Even after heavy LST, the plants shoot right back up

Plants filling in under LED grow lights

They are quickly bushing out as well, quickly consuming and open space.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

I may start 12/12 as early as this week, the phenotype of both strains tent to stretch a good amount. Not as much as Jock Horror (Jack Herer), but enough to quickly over grow the area if I’m not paying attention.

Be well everyone!