Week 4 of vegetation (18/6) under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light…

…and probably the final week of veg.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Current Stats

All plants in 3 gallon pots, soil.
Nutrients: Earth Juice – Grow, Bloom, Micro,
Supplements: Hygrozyme, Earth Juice Catalyst.

Bottom of containers to top of plants – about 25″
Top of plants (canopy) to LED lamp – about 24″

At these parameters, I’ve got a solid 1 square meter grow area all but saturated. Vegetative growth has been abrupt enough that I removed the largest of the Bubblelicious, leaving it’s two cloned siblings and our white widow mother under the X5. This particular Bubblelicious phenotype really likes to get bushy.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

The X5 is cranking out a lot of light energy and the convex lenses concentrate it in to a well defined footprint. And that may be it’s only shortcoming. I’d say you could possibly do a 5′ x 5′ area with a SCROG at 4.5′ x 4′, that kind of set-up and a good strain and you are set!

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

We’ll no doubt be switching over to 12/12 very soon, our next video edition will be at Week 1 Bloom! Check back to see how well the Pro-Grow X5 Blooms & Buds!!!