Mid-week 2 of bloom and all is well! Better than well really, as all three plants (1 White Widow and 2 Bubblelicious) are in the midst of an exceptional growth and bloom spurt.

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White Widow tops begin to bud under LED grow lights

White Widow at week 2 of bloom, bud growth is fast & furious.

White Widow, is an older mother from seed we are retiring, her quick bloom is no surprise, but the continual “stretch & fill” growth has created a thick, and dense canopy with multiple tight node branches gaining height.

Bubblelicious branch tip begins to bud under LED grow lights

Middle of week 2 bloom, aggressive bud growth & early trichomes!

Both Bubblelicious are from cutting, but bloomed as quickly as the Widow. Their growth pattern is far different, as they are ‘thickening’ and branches really filling in and bushing out. This growth pattern is preferred (IMHO) as it allows for large growth but still allows for lots of light to penetrate down into the lower parts of the branches, unlike the Widow which I fear may choke itself out and need some pruning or defoliation of some type.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Both plants are displaying early trichomes and aggressive budding. The coming weeks should prove very interesting.

In my previous experience with this Bubblelicious phenotype, is that is it quite sensitive and easily prone to micro-nutrient deficiencies. The Widow tends to get a little haggard looking by the 10th week of budding. I am really hoping to use all my skills to keep these as green & healthy throughout the remainder of the grow.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

White widow branch beginning to flower.

Fantastic light penetration from the X5 LED, allows for deep, dense bud development.

Next up, Week 3 of bloom! Check back!!!