Trichome coated buds under LED grow lights

White Widow colas mature beautifully under the Pro-Grow X5

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

White Widow blooming under a Pro-Grow X5

White Widow, looking (and smelling) diggity-dank at week 7 of budding!

The White Widow has begun to slow up on water intake, older & lower leaves are becoming weathered, white pistils begin to orange at a quickening pace as the weight of the buds begin to sag the branches.

The White Widow looks to be a solid finisher in the next week or two, and I am eager to get her dried, cured & on the scale. With the least effort, I already believe this is the largest of the Widows I’ve grown from this line of cuttings.

Nirvana Seed's Bubblelicious

Week 7 of budding and no signs of slowing down!

Nirvana Bubblelicious Medical Marijuana Grow

Running 5 watt chip-sets & focused lenses, light penetration is a non-issue for the Pro-Grow X5

Both Bubblelicious are in a furious bloom as for every pair of pistils that goes orange, they’re pushing out a dozen more new trichome coated calyxes with new white pistils emerging. Their water/nutrient consumption has not slowed in the least. The colas are heavy & the plants lean drastically, so I staked up the main stems only, supporting the plants but letting the branches sag & open up to more light where space is permitting.

Though I normally harvest this strain in the 8-10 week range, with the extending, boosted budding of both Bubblelicious (cuttings from the same mother), I have no issues letting them run a little longer.

Thick buds down low

Even the sagging side branches provide thick buds all the way down.

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

With little to no canopy management other than the LST in veg, it is a jungle in there. I cannot say enough as to how I am impressed at the ability of the Pro-Grow X5 to not only produce thick colas up top, but get the light down a good way below the main tops and produce dense lower AND inner budding.

Nirvana Seed's Bubblelicious buds under LED grow lights

A few weeks to go, the buds keep getting fatter!

Thick medical marijuana buds bloom under LED grow lights

Growing thick colas has never been easier.

My initial issue with the footprint of usable light has been alleviated by the power, intensity and thus far performance! It is quite possible to get a larger grow area than I have with this lamp, via a better managed space, or by utilizing a SOG/ScrOG.

I can only imagine what a few DWC/hydro buckets under the Pro-Grow X5 would do! Hmmm…