(probably my worst vid yet… but the plants are looking fab!)

Bubblelicious cola flowering under LED grow lights

Light penetration from the Pro-Grow X5 is allowing for a forest of 6 – 9″ colas

Mid-week 3 of bloom and growth is good! The X5 light penetration thus far appears to be developing strong colas down in the 6″ – 9″ range beneath the canopy and a little deeper directly under the lamp, though time will truly tell.

Budding colas on a White Widow

Week 3 bloom under the Pro-Grow X5, White Widow is looking good!

The white Widow has begun to branch out further now into a “dark spot” (area just shy of prime light) to adjust, I have been moving the plant’s positions under the lamp every few days, as well as rotating them 90-180º once a day, but no real branch training or defoliation other than “Leaf Weaving” (tucking & weaving fan leaves behind and under bud sites Rather than removing the leaf).

Feeding schedule:
Sunday: Major nutrient dose
Mon-Tue: pH 6.7 water as needed
Wed: Alternating weekly supplements
Fri-Sat: pH 6.7 water as needed

Averaging watering is a quart a day, and two on feeding days.
We’re using Hydro-Organics Earth Juice – Grow, Bloom, Meta-k, MicroBlast and Catalyst

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Medical marijuana buds bloom under LED grow lights

Closer up White Widow is looking even better!

White Widow, the oldest and most budded in the group of the three and has started showing early phosphorus deficiency. I gave her a soil mixed dose of Rainbow Mix Bloom with Mycorrhizae & Humic Acid (N1.00% – P9.00% – K2.00%) and watered spiked it in.

Our Bubblelicious are already forming a layer of sparkly trichomes, they like the X5 LED!

I hope to keep all 3 in prime health until harvest day! I know that’s like “duh!” a “no-brainer” but it is easier said than done sometimes.

My rule of thumb as to trimming beneath the canopy is that if the node supports a healthy shoot AND it has a supporting fan leaf in contact with direct light, then it stays.

Check back next week!


P.S. – Thanks for the emails! I’ll remember to snap more “natural color” pics next update