The Buds are blooming! Week 4 of 12/12

Like a Gunshot blast!

Bubblelicious budding under the X5 LED grow light

Week 4 – Bubblelicious buds well under the X5

LED Medical Marijuana Grow – Nirvana White Widow & Bubblelicious entering week 4 of budding under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light.

Undergrowth on the WW is looking better since bumping up her nutrients last week.

I did finally opt to lower the X5 LED lamp about 3 inches, avg. distance is about 18″. While it may not seem like much, the increased intensity is noticeable on the cola tips, though it does trim the illuminated area by a bit, I am working to compensate this by more frequent rotations of the plants themselves as well as their positions under the lamp. This only becomes an issue when they become too large to move.

Like a Gunshot blast!

White Widow budding under the X5 LED grow light

White Widow at week 4 of budding. One of the best looking specimen yet.

From our first run of this Bubblelicious phenotype I know it can have a tendency to run into potassium lock-up/deficiency, but thus far experience is paying off and plants looking well!

I love growing the same cuttings under varying conditions. Sometimes they are all consistant, no matter what. Other times some they will produce differnt aroma and scents, or colors.


Tune in next week for “Week 5 – Bloom!”