LED Medical Marijuana Grow

1 Nirvana White Widow & 2 Bubblelicious, covering weeks 5 – 6 of budding under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light.

My apologies on missing last week’s update… There are a lot of cool grows coming down the line here. I think our next featured grow will be a seed to bud, autoflower garden with 3 World of Seeds, Northern Lights x Big Bud Stay under a new and really kick-ass lamp… Stay tuned!!!

The Must Try legend.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Medical marijuana garden, week 6 of bloom

The Pro-Grow X5 LED Garden – Week 6 of bloom.

This is a merge of last week & this, and as we’ve been following the two Nirvana Bubblelicious as their buds swell up, this week I thought our primary focus would be the White Widow , also from Nirvana Seeds.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

White Widow buds under LED grow lights

With another 3-4 weeks to go, White Widow blooms beautifully under the Pro-Grow LEDs

After bumping up her nutrients, this particular White Widow is blooming to be the nicest specimen of this cutting I’ve grown yet, but there are still several weeks left to go and I don’t want to jinx anything.

Since nearly doubling her nutrients growth has been nice, green and consistant, though the colas on the Bubblelicious are much fatter overall, White Widow’s are no less stunning with über dense bud structure, very high calyx to leaf ratio, make for lean mean, long green colas.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Bubblelicious colas fatten up under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light

Though there are still several weeks to go, I can say that I am really blown away by the results of the Pro-Grow X5. The plants are larger and doing better in the space than I had estimated.

The combined output power of the 5 watt chip-sets and the X-Lens is impressive, but where I think Hydroponics Hut really got it right is on the spectra! I’ve used brighter LEDs, I’ve used higher wattage LEDs, but for what the X5 can do in its space, well, I’ll let the plants speak for themselves. 😉