By Mary Ought Six

After another harrowing battle against brain cancer, three-year-old Cashy Hyde is home with his family, cancer free for the second time and once again thriving beyond all prediction – at least for now. The type of recurring brain tumor that rears its ugly head inside of Cashy’s, leaves him with a 30% chance of living just five more years.

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In the winter 2011 HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana Magazine reported on the Hyde family’s first miraculous full remission win, which they attributed greatly to the use of highly concentrated cannabis oil. That first diagnosis, when Cashy was just a babe of twenty months, was a four and a half centimeter, stage four brain tumor, wrapped precariously around his optic nerve and growing rapidly.

His poor little body proceeded to be burned from the inside out by necessary chemotherapy and radiation treatments; he was wracked with seizure, stroke, heart attacks and deadly infections as narcotic cocktails ate away at his natural defenses. And just as the doctors were ready to concede defeat, Mike took Cashy’s life into his own hands, illegally administering pot oil to his son, without the medical staff’s knowledge.

Cashy’s quick and full recovery was regarded as a miracle to all who knew him, from friends and family to oncologists and nurses. His father, through an openness and inability to keep the news from other parents, brought pediatric medicinal cannabis use into the global mainstream media.

Unfortunately, on October 12, just as our winter 2011 issue was going to press, a new scan showed that the tumor had returned. It had grown two and a half centimeters since his last clean scan in July.

Mike Hyde told HIGH TIMES, “July, Cashy was still in remission, then we went in for the one year scan and the tumor was back at two and a half centimeters. Montana pot laws changed in July and Cashy lost his access. I lost all the strains I was growing. I don’t know if it correlated, but [the tumor] grew in those 73 days.”

July 1, 2011, Montana’s already relatively strict voter-approved marijuana law was usurped by republican Sen. Jeff Essmann, and replaced with the far more regulatory legislative amendment SB 423. “I could not find enough concentrated CBD oil to fight the cancer with cannabis because of all the federal raids,” said Mike.

So in November the Hyde’s left for California, where Cashy had been approved for proton radiation at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and, importantly, had access to enough Cali cannabis for Cashy’s clandestine treatments.

“In Southern California a local medical grower donated thousands of dollars worth of oil, grown naturally and organically that they told me was made with ‘solar energy and love.’ That meant a lot to me,” said Mike.

It took two months for Cashy to get approved for the proton radiation, but in that time they used the Gerson method, cannabis oil and juiced cannabis plant. The growth of the tumor slowed considerably. Still, when they got to Loma Linda, the oncologists told the Hydes that if the tumor would just stop growing using proton, they would be happy.

“The cannabinoids and the Gerson methods kill it, but don’t shrink it,” explained Mike. “Within the first 14 [proton] treatments, the tumor was shrunk in half, that’s when we finished in January and came home.”

Now, Cashy is again in full remission. It still wasn’t a pretty fight, riddled with fevers, a portacath infection (that “should’ve” become a staff infection, but did not), and radiation burns. But because of pot oil applied to Cashy’s head, those burns were so minor as to seem like sunburn and Cashy is the youngest cancer patient to have not used the pain and nausea narcotics. “The teenage girl in the next bed was crying herself to sleep in pain at night while Cashy slept,” Mike told HIGH TIMES. “It was kind of like a bad dream, but here we are and we’re just hoping to keep pushing for alternative medicines to fight cancer.

“Long and short, Cashy’s alive, cancer free, and we’ll take it.”

It is difficult for those of us fortunate enough to not knowingly be in Death’s immediate sights, to fully grasp the heart wrenching implications of fighting cancer. Even more impossible is it to emphasize just how heartbreaking it is to watch a toddler doing his best under these horrific circumstances.

This could be part of the disconnect that occurs when normally compassionate people are confronted with the idea of childhood cannabis use. Cancer or not, “truth” campaigns have convinced masses that marijuana has no medicinal value and will actually cause cancer. These vicious, money driven lies bring the dark word of “abuse” into a situation that is already beyond unbearable.

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That stigma is what the Hydes hopes to squelch, so that other parents won’t be afraid to try cannabis in their own children’s cancer treatment – especially before all else fails.

Visit The Cash Hyde Foundation on Facebook or on their official website: If you can stomach photos, videos and a parental bird’s eye view of just how grueling and truly heartbreaking is the toll of pediatric cancer, follow Cashy’s journey in the family’s blog.